Our planets and our allied planets that we have bases on.


» is for jedi remnant < is for allies

» Cordia I is a planet with an oxygen rich atmosphere and greatly resembles alderann's surface. It resides in the cordia system. It's home to cordins stronghold.

» Cordia II is a large gas giant with a dense tibanna gas atmosphere, which is used for ammo. The planet has multiple Rocky moons. It resides in the cordia system.

» NI-995 is a small planet with low gravity famous for its pools of mercury. It resides it the vreren system. It has a base on it to mine and sell the mercury for profit for the war.

» Cordia III is a lush jungle planet considerably larger than alderann. It resides in the cordia system. It's atmosphere has a lethal sulfur dioxide atmosphere wear a toxin filter.

» Gration is a barren Rocky planet with deep undersurface bodies of water and no visible life but has an oxygen supported atmosphere in the vreren system. There is a small outpost and refueling stop.

» Alpha I is the capitol planet of the jedi remnant and allies. It has an alderann like surface and it's atmosphere is oxygen rich. It houses center point city, and first stop city as well as the Advanced labs training and test center.It resides in the alpha system.

»Alpha II is a habitable planet with large trees similar to kashyyks. It resides in the alpha system.

»Zamharheer is a ice planet and its atmosphere is toxic to humans without masks due to the high levels of Co2, it's very similar to Hoth. It resides in the vreren system.

»Tethra is a habitable planet consisting of large grasslands, forests, lakes, oceans, and mountains. It resides in the alpha system. It's also where Vexak and Algo's strongholds are.

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