All groups in the new army and fleets.


There are 96 legions equaling 884,736 foot soldiers. The most notable legions are those led by Vexak, Algo, Cordin, And Attas.

Algo's legion is called 25th marine legion  the regiments within are the 33rd dessert regiment, the 56th swamp assault regiment, and the 93rd forest regiment. They used the Phrik version armor. His second in command is locx rirt.

Cordin's group is called_______.  

Attas's group is called_______.

Vexak's is called the 1st marine legion it's regiments are The 43rd forest assault regiment with camouflaged armor, The 42nd artillery regiment their armor had silver markings, the 44th standard regiment and the 49th magma regiment their armor is black with red markings. They wear the Cortosis version armor. Vexak's second is captain visha, and Vexak's padawan Coldane is a commander.

Fleet sizes and typesEdit

The 3 types of fleets used and the ships in them.

1: light/blockade run/reconnaissance: has 1-2 infinite-class star destroyers, 1-3 D-18 "cargo", and 15 C-32 "striker"

2: light combat/planetary patrol: 2-3 infinite-class star destroyers, 1 avenger-class star destroyer, 1 D-18 "med", 1-2 D-18 "cargo", and 20 B-55 "heavy"

3: medium combat/basic blockade: 1-2 terminator-class star destroyer, 1-2 avenger-class star destroyer, 2-3 infinite-class star destroyer, 1-2 D-18 "med", 1-3 D-18 "cargo", and 25-45 B-55 "heavy"

4: heavy combat/strong blockade/large enemy force: 0-1 decimator-class star destroyer, 2-4 terminator class star destroyers, 2-4 avenger-class star destroyer, 3-5 infinite-class star destroyer, 2-4 D-18 "med", 2-4 D-18 "cargo", and 35-65 B-55 "heavy".

10 number 1 fleets owned. 20 number 2 fleets owned. 25 number 3 fleets owned. 3 number 4 fleets owned minus the decimator-class ship (not fully developed yet).

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