These projects are currently being developed in (a) secret base(s).


BX-100 ultra commando droid.   IG-200 ultra magna guard.   B7 ultra Droideka.  

Phrik alloy armor.   Cortosis alloy armor.  Phrik-cortosis commando armor. Phrik-cortosis Sith hunter armor. 

AC-13s sniper rifle.  AC-13b blaster pistol.  AC-13a assault rifle.  AC-13m rotary cannon.  AC-13r rocket launcher.  AC-13e mountable/placeable heavy blaster. AC-13f flamethrower.  AC-13t shotgun. AC-13c blaster rifle.

EMP, smoke, and plasma grenades.

Advanced exoskeleton walker (AEW).  All-terrain advanced walker (AT-AW). All-terrain patrol walker (AT-PT). S-12 speeder bike. Armoured mobile command (AMC). Wasp light tank. Boar medium tank. Rhino heavy tank.

Science divisionEdit

Cordin has given the dev team the magna guard design, Vexak, Algo, Cordin, and chiss ascendancy have sent their best engineers from their armys to work on the projects.

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